Monday, March 10, 2014

master bedroom updates

So back in August, we traded in our hand-me-down queen bed for an organic king sized one. I wanted to DIY a headboard, and found the perfect one on Pinterest. I bought all the materials (except for the wood) and then waited not-so-patiently until Nick and his dad found the perfect weekend to construct the new headboard. We basically followed these instructions to a T and I think even used the same fabric!
I love our new bed- especially after living with a queen-sized headboard for 6 months: 
The one thing that we want to change is the nailhead trim. Instead of doing individual nailhead, I bought the trim that's connected and we don't really like the look up close. You can tell they are connected and every fifth one sticks out a little further so it looks a little cheap. We are going to take it off (someday!) and do individual each individual nail. In the meantime, it looks mostly fine! 
For our bedding, I updated our Euro Shams with these coral colored ones from West Elm. I kept our World Market shams and my Anthropologie quilt at the end of our bed. I also got this  orange and white Anthro bedskirt on sale back in August. 
Our side tables are from World Market. I wanted something small and low since our bed is pretty close to the windows on either side. 
 The lights are from Ikea. We originally wanted to do swing arm sconces on either side of the bed but I felt like it might be too crowded with the window so close. 
 I feel like in both our apartments and this house, the master bedroom always gets the least  decorating attention! We've been in our house almost 2 years and it's just now starting to feel like it's moving in the right direction. It's okay though, I feel like I've had a lot of time to decide what I really want in here. 
As you can see, the palate in here is bright and neutral with some fun colors thrown in. My next plans for our room are finding a midcentury wooden dresser to replace the painted hand-me-down one that we have and hang up a grid of our family pictures.  I also want to bring more of the green from this quilt into the room somehow. I love the color and think it'd be a nice contrast with the oranges/corals. Anyway, that's where we're at so far! 

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