Monday, March 3, 2014

Kitchen Update

Our counters were templated last week and our install date is March 13th... In other kitchen news, we picked out a new sink. We decided to go with a stainless sink for a little bit more of a modern feel and some contrast since our counters are mostly white and our backsplash will be white too.
Speaking of the backsplash, we got a quote for our subway tile backsplash and a date for our kitchen to be measured. We had to wait until after the countertops are installed before they can measure for the backsplash so I'm estimating that the backsplash won't be installed until April. Here's an inspiration picture for our kitchen colors (although of course ours isn't so high end, or large!) 
We thought about attempting to DIY our backsplash, since there are tons of tutorials online that make it sound pretty manageable. However, at the end of the day, we were a little nervous about it looking too DIY-ed and we had the room in our budget to hire someone to do it for us. 
Our last major thing to pick out is a kitchen faucet... We are having trouble with this element because all the ones that we like are $900 - $1200 and we're hoping to spend much, much less on it. While we are still undecided, we need to figure this one out quickly so that it's ready to be installed when our countertops go in. 

Even with the inconvenience of a mostly non-functioning kitchen for 3 weeks, it's so exciting to see all the elements come together! 

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