Friday, March 14, 2014

Five on Friday

1. Noosa. Have you tried this yogurt?? I love it- the flavors are so good! I've been sticking with eating healthy lately so I've been having the yogurt to curb any cravings for sweets. Hayden loves it too and we've been sharing a small tub of it at snack time. 

2. I miss cooking. My Pinterest board is overflowing with recipes that I want to try. I miss cooking (and my kitchen a lot!)
3. Buuuuut... my countertops went in yesterday! Here's a little peak at them, I'll share more next week, when our kitchen is put back together. Our faucet is backordered by 2 -3 weeks so my friend is lending us one to use temporarily so that we can have a working sink again.
4. Ahh Bangs! I got my haircut on Wednesday and decided to do bangs for a bit of a change. I'm always so scared when I do major changes to my hair but I like the way they turned out. My BFF told me that bangs are a good mom style because your hair can look like you styled it, even if it's in a messy bun!
5.  Tulips. Our local Whole Foods had a sale last Friday where you could buy 30 tulips for only $10. I bought some for our house and some for other people and I love this huge bright bouquet of tulips in our house. Love Spring! 

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