Wednesday, March 26, 2014

dining room progress and plans

We've been working on slowly updating our dining room since we got our (almost-free!) West Elm Table last Fall. Back then, I thought I would mix-and-match seating with all white wooden chairs and metal cafe chairs at the ends. We lived with it for a while but the mismatched white chairs felt chaotic and not cohesive. So, we decided to change those out for 2 more metal chairs (at a great price from Then we decided to get more comfortable arm chairs for the ends from West Elm. These were pricier but we had some credit card points saved up (like with the table) so we were able to get them for a little cheaper than listed on the site. 
Finally, we got a rug for under the table. I know cowhide isn't everyone's cup of tea, but I really love the irregular shape and how easy it is to clean. (Plus it was on super duper sale so we got it for almost 50% off!)
 Since we moved the cabinet out of the dining room, things are feeling a bit more empty. We have plans to built a skinny console table for the one windowless wall of the room  and take down the shelves on the other side of the room.
Hayden's craft table moves around the room, and we haven't quite found a permanent spot for it. He sure does love it though and uses it every day.  

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