Tuesday, March 11, 2014

and now... an ottoman coffee table

Soooo, if you've been reading our blog for a while, you might remember that one time we made over this ugly ottoman for our coffee table. Then we moved into this house and decided to use our original coffee table in the living room. The ottoman matched Hayden's decor so it lived rather pointlessly in his room for the past year and a half. Then he started walking and we put on those ugly bumpers around the coffee table. And he likes to bang things on it a lot so we started getting some scratches. All in all, it wasn't looking so hot. So, I was thinking long and hard about what to replace it with and I thought, why not the ottoman. It definitely needed different fabric because the one we used originally had a water stain from the humidifier and didn't really match the living room.
Then I thought, instead of bringing in another pattern/color (I'm terrible at picking fabric- it takes me months and months to decide), why not cover the ottoman in leather? Nick and I really like the look of a tufted leather chair so I thought the ottoman would be a good substitute. The leather wouldn't compete with any of the other patterns in the room and it would look warm and a little traditional in our mishmash  living room. 
I found this distressed suede cloth that is so incredibly soft at Joann's and knew it was the perfect fabric for our living room.  
I made 20 buttons to use for tufting and was surprised at how easy the process was.
The tufting took a long long time and my fingers were killing me. Since the ottoman is just foam all the way through, there's nowhere to drill holes to feed the thread through. So I did a lot of measuring and guessing and checking to make sure my buttons were straight.
After doing all the tufting, I stapled the fabric around the bottom of the ottoman. I can't really explain how I did the corners, only that it was a lot of intricate folding to get the seams right. There's no way to take the legs off the ottoman so I had to fold and tuck to get the corners looking presentable.
Anyway, we've been living with the ottoman-turned-coffee-table for a couple weeks now and are really happy with it. It's easy to move out of the way since it's on casters. It also is a nice place to prop your feet up. The only thing we miss is having a hard surface to put drinks down but the tray in the middle seems to suffice.  


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