Thursday, February 27, 2014


Hayden loves to help "unload" and "load" the dishwasher. Whenever it's open, he toddles over and grabs some silverware and walks off with it. He also like to load things into the dishwasher: receipts, toys, straws, alphabet magnets... We always have to do a quick check before we actually run it. 
He also really likes to help feed Henry and Lucy. We keep both their dishes in the downstairs bathroom so that their food and water can be protected from curious toddlers. He knows that we keep Henry's food under the sink in the bathroom and he goes in there wherever he can to pull out the container, grab Lucy's bowl and say, "snack?"  The animals are usually sorely disappointed when they can't eat on Hayden's schedule!
To make leaving the park a little easier and less tearful, we always say, "Bye-bye, park", "Bye-bye, slide" etc.  One day recently, I forgot to wave goodbye to the park and we were walking back to the parking lot together. He let go of my hand turned around and said "bye" and blew the park a kiss. 
In Target the other day, Hayden dropped a raisin on the floor. I said, "oh no!" and picked it up. He kept repeated "oh no!" until it turned into "no oh! no oh!".
He's becoming quite generous with his food. He often pulls something off his plate and offers it to Nick or me saying, "me? me?" He usually wants it back afterwards though ;) 

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