Friday, February 14, 2014

Feeling Heartsy

Happy Valentine's Day, Everyone! I love love love this holiday- even though I can fully acknowledge the silliness and cheesiness of it all. It's still one of my favs. I wanted to share our Valentine's Day decorations and fun festivities. 
For our Valentine’s Day breakfast, I made homemade (heart-shaped) poptarts for my boys and gave them each some something small. Hayden got a Llama, Llama book, some socks, and a little bathtub fishing toy from the Target Dollar Spot. Nick got lots of chocolate bars. 
My decorations were pretty simple this year. I cut out some hearts from gold wrapping paper and taped them to our dining room window. (Excuse our trashy backyard...) 
Our mantle:
I’m hosting our playgroup today and I wanted it to be a little fun and festive so I decorated while Hayden was napping. I know it’s over-the-top but I just really love an excuse to bring out my favorite color- pink! (The beautiful bouquet of Hydrangeas were a sweet Valentine's Day delivery, courtesy of Nicholas.)
Tonight, Nick is cooking me dinner, I'm making dessert (Blackberry bread pudding) and we're opening a nice bottle of wine. Nothing fancy, but the perfect at-home date night! Hope you have a very lovely V-day! 
(And kisses from my littlest Valentine, Hayden) 

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