Tuesday, February 25, 2014

busy busy busy weekend!

Ay yi yi! It was a busy weekend around here! We were starting and finishing projects left and right. I feel like I need another weekend to recover from this one. We might have rain in the forecast for next weekend so that will slow us down a bit. Anyway, I'm so excited because it's been kind of quiet on the home design front for a bit around here and all of a sudden things are happening again! I love it! Later, I want to write in more detail about each of the things we knocked out this weekend but for now, I'll give you a little peek at what we've been up to so far...
1. A new old coffee table. I re-reupholstered our ottoman turned coffee table and I love how it turned out. I had no idea how intense the tufting would be (my poor poor fingers!) but I love it.  
2. A new bed!! After our King bed arrived 6 months ago, we planned to DIY a new headboard... With lots of help from Nick's dad, we started and almost finished it this weekend. We need to fix the nailhead on one side and more to the other side, but already it's such a huge change.
3. No more countertops! Nick, Chris, my Dad, and Jason demolished our old tile countertops in a couple of hours this weekend in preparation for the new ones to come in. The company is coming to measure everything this Wednesday so we needed it done before then. We currently have no sink, no countertops, and a nonworking dishwasher... Take out, anyone?! Also, we emptied out all the lower cabinets so everything is living in the garage for now (except for our silverware). I bought compostable paper plates and bowls to minimize the washing in a tiny bathroom sink. We are praying for a smooth few weeks while we anxiously await our new kitchen!  
(all our kitchen supplies... in the garage) 

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