Monday, February 17, 2014

another kitchen update on the horizon!

Our kitchen has been a work in progress on and off since we moved in almost 2 years ago. We've been taking it slow, mostly because we prefer to pay cash for everything and make sure we are making the right decision before we jump in to a big purchase. The latest of those big purchases is new countertops!! 
I've been dreaming about these for so so long. I spend so much time each day in the kitchen preparing meals, cleaning up and repeating and have lived with the original not-so-nice tile countertops. Some of them are cracked and chipped and the grout is coming out in places. It's not exactly what I picture for my dream kitchen.
For countertops, I LOVE the look of Carrera Marble but knew without a doubt that we would not be going that direction in this kitchen, for several reasons. The most obvious one is the cost of marble. However, the other equally discouraging reason was that marble can be a very high maintenance material. In our kitchen, red wine spills, the bottle warmer leaks, there are water spots on the counter and sometimes hot things get set down accidentally. We needed a material that was low maintenance and basically indestructible and also not super expensive. Luckily, with a small kitchen, we don't have too much countertop surface so we could afford to use a little nicer material and not break the bank. 
Anyway, we ended up purchasing the quartz product, Silestone, in the color Lyra. It mimics the look of Carrera somewhat and is a nice neutral color. 
The installers should come out in the next two weeks to template the kitchen and then build the countertops for our space. I can't even tell you how excited I am to have these new countertops! 
Our other plans for finishing up this kitchen include a white subway tile backsplash (predictable perhaps, but you can't help what you love!) and a new faucet for our sink.  Ahh! So excited! 

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