Tuesday, January 14, 2014

house sprucing, with a little help from my friends

Christmas has officially left our house (mostly- there might be one or two wreaths hanging around, but that's it). I always think our house feels so stark in January when everything Christmasy gets put away. It's a nice time to refresh some of our usual decorations. 
I don't know if you've been to Target lately, but their newest collection of Threshold decor is killing it. I basically want to buy everything in that aisle (but my husband and my bank account say no). Anyway, I did manage to purchase these two lamps that I love, love, love. We have no overhead lights in our living room so these lamps give us a bit more light in the middle of the house now. (FYI: The store price is at least $10 cheaper than the online price).
Last weekend, we stopped by West Elm and I had a gift card from my birthday that was burning a hole in my pocket. I picked up a few pretties for the house and it made me feel much better about January.
This vase with some springy flowers now lives on our mantle.
I love these little Valentine's Day themed bowls and even though I don't personally like M&Ms, I do like the way these Valentine's Day ones look. (You know me, any excuse to bring a little more pink into my house!)  
Finally, I picked up this branch (random, I know). Nick and I both really liked it and how interesting it was. I think it could have a summery vibe too. 
With these few purchases, my house feels a little less sad post-Christmas.  

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