Monday, January 20, 2014

Feeding da Toddler

I wrote about how we started Hayden on solid foods back when he was 6 months old, using Baby Led Weaning. We had really great success with the method, and as a result, Hayden ate table food from the start and enjoyed a variety of foods. Now that he is in the throes of toddlerhood, I thought I would add an updated post on how and what he is currently eating. If you are a momma like me, you're always wondering how other parents manage to get their kids to eat well and tips and tricks for feeding kids. 
I will start by saying that Hayden has become increasingly picky in the last few months, turning his nose up at most fruit and veggies, and preferring meat, cheese, and his beloved carbs. We still try and serve those fruits and veggies in creative ways and sometimes he surprises us by eating them. One tip I have for the non-fruit-and-veggie eater is smoothies. We make smoothies almost everyday and I usually add whole milk, full-fat yogurt, and several fruits and veggies. He loves his smoothies, especially if I'm drinking the same thing so it makes me feel better that he's getting at least some of his produce that way!  
For meals, Hayden usually eats with us and at least for dinner, he has the same food as us. For breakfast and lunch, I try to give him some higher fat options that we wouldn't normally eat, so those meals usually vary from ours. 
scrambled eggs/green grapes/1/2 piece of toast /homemade apple sauce
Hayden's breakfasts are usually his biggest meal of the day, so I always give him a lot to eat in the morning. In addition to 9 oz of whole milk, he usually has 2 scrambled eggs, and sometimes yogurt. As I said, fruit and veggies are a gamble with him, but I always include them anyway. 
turkey & cheese/black beans & brown rice/ apples/ tomatoes + hummus
Hayden eats a late lunch because he naps right in the middle of the day. He usually is more of a grazer at this point in the day, so I give him a small variety of foods he likes.  Sometimes he eats leftovers dinner from the night before. He really likes cheese, hummus, and beans so those are staples in his lunches. 
whole wheat tomato basil pasta/grapes/roasted asparagus 

quinoa burgers + homemade tzatziki / applesauce

parmesan chicken/ cottage cheese + blueberries/ sliced avocado 
Dinner is the meal that I usually put the most thought and prep time into, but is unfortunately the one that Hayden shows the least interest. He's usually tired by dinner time so Lucy tends get a lot of his food if he won't eat. However, I try and make plenty so there are leftovers for Hayden to eat for lunch the next day or for Nick to take to work.  So many of my recipes come from Pinterest. Hayden really likes fish, but Nick can't stand it, so we always save our fish nights for when he's out of town on business or working late. 
Anyway, Hayden typically eats pretty healthy, and substantial foods. We try and steer clear of most processed foods, though I certainly won't say he's never had something processed! In addition to his three meals, he usually has snacks like dried fruit, yogurt, string cheese, rice cakes with some kind of spread, hummus and veggies, and his smoothies. We also give him one Plum Organic baby food pouch a day, since that is another way to get a little more produce in his diet.  Other mommas, do you have any tips or tricks for feeding picky eaters? 

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