Friday, January 24, 2014

5 on Friday

1. Big News: 
Hayden started officially walking this week! He has been taking little steps between things (up to 7 at a time) for the past few weeks. On Monday, we were at the park and he just took off and walked about 20 feet. Since then, he's been walking all over the house and getting more and more confident. He's so funny; every time he gets ready to start moving, it's like he has to give himself a mini pep talk. He starts waving his hands, claps a few times and then takes off. It's so fun to see him walking around. 
2. Baby-proofing. We were pretty well baby-proofed, before this but now that Hayden is upright and a little wobbly, we decided that we needed to put bumpers around our coffee table, until he's a bit more steady on his feet. My coffee table is #bringingsexyback... 
3. Shoe Serendipity. I mentioned awhile ago that I wanted to find a pair of casual brown booties for winter. I didn't end up getting any for Christmas, and I had seen a pair at Target that I liked a lot. However, they were sold out at all the Targets near me and weren't available online either. On Monday, when we were at Target, there was one pair sitting on the shelf in a size six, and on clearance for over half off the original price. Meant to be! 
4. Jet-setting.  The next 2 weeks are busy busy busy for our household. Nick is currently in Hawaii for work (poor guy!) and won't get back until Monday. On Thursday, I leave for a conference in Birmingham, AL. Then the next Sunday we are all going to Austin, TX where I'm speaking at a different conference. 
5. Play table project, I'm currently working on creating a functional (and cute) little play/craft table project for Hayden. I hope to be finished with the whole thing by next week. Even in it's half-finished state, Hayden loves to sit there and use his crayons or even eat a snack there. It's his first kid-sized furniture so I think he's really enjoying having something his own size. 

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