Friday, January 10, 2014

5 on Friday

Yay for the weekend! This was our first week back to work and it went by fast, but oh my goodness was it a rough one. Hayden has been waking up repeatedly at night this week and we're all exhausted around here. (Last night, for example, my longest stretch of sleep was from 2:30 am to 5:00 am.) Not that I foresee his sleeping habits changing this weekend, but at least we can all have some downtime together....
 A new vacuum. I feel terribly old getting excited over this, but really I can't help it. We've had a hand-me-down vacuum since we've been married which is heavy and just doesn't work that well. It was up to it's old tricks on Monday and I went on Amazon and ordered one on the spot. I know...I'm lame.

I already shared this video on FB and Instagram, but I can't get enough of it. Hayden was reading one of his favorite books and when he came to the page where the Momma duck kisses the baby, he blew the baby a kiss. Then he "read" quack, quack, quack  on the next page. Sweetest thing ever ever. I love how much he's absorbing and growing these days.  
My thoughtful husband made me a calendar for Christmas. He chose one photo of Hayden from each month of last year, wrote a little quote at the bottom and framed the whole thing. It's such a sweet gift and I love seeing how different Hayden is this year.  
 The weather. I know that practically the entire rest of the county has had a rough week weather-wise, which is why you should all probably move out to CA. We've been having a mild winter so far which has been nice for exercising outside and trips to the park. I had to laugh when I heard the meteorologist say that we are returning to our "chilly, winter-like conditions" over the weekend. Whatevs- I'll take it! :) 

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