Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Toddler Felt Christmas Tree

If things at your house go anything like they do at mine, then you know it can be tricky to get dinner on the table some nights. Usually dinner prep hour seems to be the time when I end up doing everything one-handed because Hayden is not satisfied doing his own thing. I try to introduce new toys and cooking utensils to him to pique his interest and give me 5 more 2-handed minutes to prep dinner.
On a whim, I grabbed my supply of felt and cut out a Christmas tree and attached magnet tape to the back of it and stuck it to the fridge.
Then I cut out a star and some christmas ornaments from other colors of felt, to create a mini felt board. I stored all those items in a little tupperware container. 
Hayden enjoys taking all the pieces of felt out one-by-one, and putting them on the tree and then putting them all back into the container again. It's been a fun activity to keep him engaged for the past week.
Since I had all the materials on hand, this project was free to me and didn't take more than 5 minutes to assemble.  

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