Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Toddler Busy Boxes

Balancing working from home, taking care of a busy toddler, and managing housework, cooking, etc. has definitely taken some adjusting. However, now 6 months into our "new" routine, I feel like things have settled into a nice, manageable rhythm. One thing that has really helped me is setting up "busy boxes" for Hayden. I saw many versions of these on Pinterest. The basic concept is to fill a container with interesting and engaging items that your child will play with independently. 
I had a bunch of small rubbermaid containers that I purchased in my former life as a teacher. I sorted all of Hayden's smaller toys and household items by categories and then filled each of the boxes with those toys. Everything is currently in a box with similar items. For example, Hayden has a "music" box, which includes toys and household items that make noise or music. He also has boxes for: puzzles, wooden toys, his train set, vehicles, measuring, circles, giraffes, colors, and seasonal activities. Not everything in each box is strictly a toy. He has measuring cups and spoons, lids, bottles, and other items that came from around our house. 
As his developmental needs change, I think that the boxes will continue to evolve and probably be less homogenized. For now though, having everything organized like this makes it so easy to clean up.  
The boxes have been great for when I need to take a phone call for work, prep dinner, or get ready in the morning. Although Hayden loves to explore the items in each box, he also enjoys pulling everything out and putting it back in. We've been using the "busy box" system for the last 6 months and he hasn't tired of it yet!

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