Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Dear 2013,

2013, you were a good year for this little family of three. You gave us long, meandering drives, family walks, and days at the park. You allowed us to slow down, while also moving forward. You offered us new professional and personal opportunities and taught us to be open to anything. You brought us closer to our families. You made us feel blessed 1000 times over.  
2013 was the year we celebrated 5 years of marriage and 10 years of together. We celebrated 365 days of parenting and simultaneously 1 year of the most amazing little boy we know. We traveled to Hawaii, learned how to lay flooring, and learned how not to swear in front of the baby (some of us are still working on that one...). We learned how to communicate better and be a stronger team.  
In 2013, we focused on eating better, unplugging more often and figuring out all the best ways to make our baby laugh. We overcame sleepless nights, teething, and first-time-parent anxiety. We watched some really great movies, some really terrible ones, read lots of novels, manuals, and board books. We built countless block towers. We cleaned our garage out 4 times and simplified in other areas too. We had date nights and family nights. We taught Hayden to say "pretty" and to be gentle when hugging Lucy. We received the best baby kisses (open-mouthed) and cuddles. We baby-proofed our house and had it painted. We drank good wine and had great conversations.  
Really, 2013 was one for the books for this family. Nothing extraordinary or life changing happened, but the quiet rhythm of our every days was a good one. Of course, we have some resolutions and changes for 2014, but if anything, 2013 taught us to live in the moment and count our blessings. Thank you 2013, for being such a good one. 
Nick, Jessica, & Hayden

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