Friday, December 20, 2013

5 on Friday

  1. Christmas Cookie Exchange: Last Sunday, I hosted our Christmas Cookie Exchange and it went so well! We had tons of delicious cookies and it was such a fun, festive event. 
  2. Trip to San Francisco: Every Thursday, I work in SF for a little while. Yesterday, Nick and Hayden came into the city to join me after work. We walked around, taking in all the decorated shops, the giant Christmas tree in Union Square, and Hayden consumed his weight in carbs at a delicious Italian Restaurant.  
  3. No more alarm clocks! This was my last day for the next 2 weeks setting my alarm for 4:56 am. I usually get up extra early to do work before Hayden wakes up, but my work load will be a lot lighter until after New Year's, so those 5 am wake up calls aren't necessary! 
  4. Christmas Cards. Ours came in the mail last Friday, and I scrambled to get them out to people this week. All but a few were mailed off on Tuesday, and I feel good that I can check that off my list! 
  5. Fred. Hayden's little lovey (an owl that Nick named Fred) has become a fast friend of Hayden's in the last month. He has slept with Fred in his crib since he was around 6 months old, but all of a sudden his attachment to Fred has really grown. Fred gets to go on adventures with us, plays with Hayden in his room, and gets lots and lots of hugs. We taught him how to say Fred's name and hearing the little "Fweee" is the cutest thing ever ever. 

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