Wednesday, November 6, 2013

bathroom update

Somehow, when Nick takes a business trip, I decided that I should try and complete a major project while he's gone (as if single parenting and working full time aren't enough to handle...). I think I just use it as an excuse to do something at night instead of crashing at 8:00 after I put Hayden down. 
<I took this picture when we were touring the house before we put in the offer- you can kinda see my pregnant belly in the mirror if you look closely>
Anyway, since we had our house painted last month, the vanity in our bathroom has been really bothering me. We planned on eventually replacing it, but that take $$ and we have other things higher on the priority list (kitchen countertops...). So, I thought that as a quick fix to cover up that ugly orangey wood, I would paint the cabinets. Since this was to be a temporary fix, I didn't want to spend too much time or any money on this project. 
I had a half a can left of Urban Bronze from our downstairs bathroom and I decided that going dark on the vanity might be a nice change. Anyway, painting the vanity and the doors took me two hours total over the course of two nights (effectively pushing my bedtime back to 9:00 pm- kidding!). I also painted the big built-in cabinet where we store all our linens. 

It's really hard to see in these pictures (darn windowless room!) but I love the way it turned out. So much that I'm considering this our long-term solution. I think it would look great with some hardware as well. 
I definitely want to get a new countertop/sink because this one is in bad shape. It's an unflattering yellow/cream with some chips in it and some burn marks from someone's flat iron (ahem). I think that the charcoal gray would look really fantastic with a butcher block countertop and a white vessel sink. Now, if only I can convince my husband!  
As long as I'm dreaming... other wish-list items: 
  • A new light fixture 
  •  Replace the medicine cabinet
  •  Replace the carpet (this is for our entire upstairs... Our house was re-carpeted before we moved in with super cheap carpet that is impossible to keep clean- between the pets and the baby, it's not looking so hot).

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