Thursday, November 14, 2013

Momma & Baby: Reindeer Art

Now I did just say that I'm savoring this Thanksgiving time of the year... However, I thought that a little reindeer art could be a good transition from fall to winter. I picked up two tiny canvases at JoAnn's because they were both 40% off and came to a few dollars a piece. 
I started the project by pulling up a google image of a deer silhouette and copying the image onto clear contact paper.
Then I carefully cut out my drawing, making sure to save both the positive and negative space. 

Momma version: 

On one canvas, I laid out the outline of the deer, so that the actual shape was not covered. I had to use some painters tape because the contact paper wasn't cooperating well with the canvas. 
Next I took it outside and gave it a quick coat of metallic gold spray paint. (Surprised?? I thought not.)
When the paint had dried, I just peel off my contact paper stencil and called it a day. 

Baby Version:

Because I didn't have as much luck getting the contact paper to stick on my canvas, I decided to just use painters tape this time to make the deer silhouette. 
(See those sleepy eyes and rosy cheeks? Poor baby had a fever all day but was still wanting to have fun with Momma, even though he wasn't feeling well.)

I opened up a few colors of Hayden's (non-toxic and washable) finger paints and let him take over applying paint to the canvas. I helped him a little bit to make sure the areas around the deer were covered so you could see the outline. 

I wrapped the outside of his painting with gold washi tape to disguise any drips a long the edges and to give it a more finished/framed look.  Then I hung his painting on the little wall between our kitchen and dining room. 

Two easy Fall/Winter themed art projects for less than $10!  

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