Friday, November 8, 2013

five on friday

Another week gone by! It's crazy how fast we are approaching the holiday season! Today, I want to focus on things that I'm thankful for this week (you know, getting in the spirit). 
  1.  Grandparents. Nick's grandparents are some of my favorite people. They are so kind! We had dinner with them recently and Hayden was exploring their kitchen. He noticed a banana in their fruit basket. Of course, who can resist that sweet face and his request for  "nana? nana?"? He promptly made himself comfortable in Great Grandpa's lap and enjoyed his pre-dinner nana. 

2. Fall. We certainly don't get the crazy-beautiful New England colors out here on the West Coast, but it definitely feels like fall with the crunchy leaves and orangey-yellow trees. I used to say Summer was my favorite season, but in the last few years Fall has won my heart. 
3. The Park (and these 2). We are lucky to live so near to so many great parks and Hayden loves spending time at the park. We usually try to hit up at least 3 different ones on a given week. This little boy just loves to climb and slide and swing. We're soaking up as much park time as we can before rainy season hits.
4. Fall favorites. My favorite fall nail polish (You Don't Know Jacques by OPI) and pumpkin. We are cooking all things pumpkin around here and I love it! Pumpkin pancakes, pumpkin waffles, pumpkin cookies, pumpkin bread, pumpkin in our yogurt, pumpkin in our smoothies... 
5. This girl. The one who used to be my baby before Hayden came a long. It was a bit of an adjustment period for poor Lucy, but she's handled it well most of the time. There are so many times a week where I find myself irritated with her for being underfoot or knocking Hayden down with her excitement, or eating snacks out of his hands. However, she really is such a loving dog and I love watching her and H together. She tolerates his hugs (aka tackles) and kisses; she cleans up stray food so I don't have to sweep 10 times a day; she always, always gets up with me if Hayden happens to cry in the middle of the night; she'll play fetch with Hayden even when he only throws the ball a half a foot away; she is my work out buddy, running as far and as long as I want to. She can be annoying but I'm truly grateful to have this dog in our family. 

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