Monday, November 18, 2013

big boy room

As Hayden has grown, his toy collection has as well. Gone are the days when he was content with a small basket of toys on a blanket on the ground. Now, he enjoys playing with many things at once and has amassed quite the collection. All his toys were in baskets or just on the floor and things were looking a bit cluttery. I wanted some type of shelf to get the toys organized and up off the floor. However, with a changing table, a dresser, and his other furniture, I did not want to add a bookshelf or anymore furniture in the room. 
So we took a trip to Ikea and got two 3.5 ft. Lack shelves. (We had the longer ones in our old apartment seen here). The shelves were $16.99 a piece so they didn't break the bank. Nick carefully hung them, anchoring them in the wall and using 10 screws for each shelf.(Safety first with a toddler around!) 
 I didn't want to overload the shelves, instead I just putt his bigger toys on there so Hayden could clearly see all the options available to him. 
 (Later this week, I'll share some of the other organization that I've done for the rest of his toys.) 
I love the way the shelves look and how much more organized and clean this room is feeling.
I added a small felt ball garland from Anthropologie, for a little bit of whimsy.
I added a second garland to his bookshelf wall.
While I was in the decorating mood, I added these Anthropologie alphabet cards that I've had for the last 3 or so years on the crib wall. We originally didn't have anything up there because we were afraid of anything fall on Hayden in an earthquake. However, these cards are light with rounded corners, so we aren't worried about them.
 When I decided on a gray and white nursery, some people thought that it would be really boring and not kid-friendly. My thoughts at the time were that his toys could be the things that bring color into the room. Now, I feel like it's the perfect backdrop for his colorful, fun toys.
So that's the current state of Hayden's room as it transitions from a baby room to a toddler room! 

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