Friday, November 15, 2013

5 on Friday

1. Sweet sick little baby. Hayden's had a high-ish fever for the last few days with no clear illness behind it. (Back to the doctor we go...) He's been falling asleep in our arms and preferring to be held all week. Despite not feeling well, he's still his happy, sweet self, full of kisses, hugs, and laughs. I feel so blessed to be this little guy's momma. 

2. Mercy Academy. My high school got some national attention this week over their new ad campaign. I have to say that I'm so proud to be an alum of this school. An all-girl's Catholic school may not sound like the most exciting but I feel like it really shaped me into the person I am today- so much more confident and strong! High school was  definitely a character-building experience for me- in the best possible way!
3. Day night day. Last Sunday, Nick and I went on a HowAboutWe date to San Francisco. We went to the Mission Bowling Club where we enjoyed brunch, a few cocktails, and a hour of bowling. It was fun and out of the ordinary for us. We decided to make a commitment to at least one date a month. 

4.  Currently reading: Deliberate Motherhood. I have been so inspired reading this book. I think my biggest take-away from the book is to slow down and savor this special time with Hayden. If you are a momma- I'd highly recommend this book. It's a quick read and really relevant. 
5.  Currently drinking. In an effort to lose a little weight and feel good going into the holidays, I've been focusing on eating really healthy (last Sunday notwithstanding) and exercising a lot more regularly. So, I've had a lot of these delicious green smoothies. They are actually not terrible but they aren't the best either. I don't really follow a recipe, I just make my own version and keep adding things until it's drinkable. 

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