Friday, November 1, 2013

5 on Friday

1. Hayden's 2nd Halloween. This cute little astronaut went trick-or-treating at his grandparents house where he stocked up on crackers (his favorite treat since he never gets them at home). He also went reverse trick-or-treating at his Dada's office where he passed out treats from the Space Shuttle to all his Dada's coworkers. 

2.  First trip away from H. Last weekend I flew to LA and surprised Nick (who was on a business trip). My parents and sister watched Hayden and we spent 36 hours on our own. It was the longest I'd ever been away from him and it was a little sad by Saturday night but- so so fun nonetheless. Nick and I went to Disneyland (!), were able to enjoy 2 drinks at dinner without rushing (!!), and slept through the night (!!!). Even though it was hard to be away from Hayden, I think this little recharge refreshed us and helps to be even better parents. 

3. On to the kitchen: Now that we've knocked out so many projects in our house, our thoughts are turning to the kitchen. We have to wait a bit for a bank account to settle after our big projects last month, but our next to-do's are countertop and backsplash for the kitchen. I can't help pinning tons of pictures of kitchens for inspiration, like the ones below. I love the rustic brick backsplash with white everything else:  
4. Movember. Nick's spearheading the Movember campaign at his work and I'm not excited. I think mustaches are soo gross. Now, if it was beard-vember, I could get behind that... Check out last year's- just terrible!! 
5.  What a difference a year makes... 

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