Friday, October 18, 2013

Momma & Baby: Pumpkin Crafts

This past week, Hayden and I both did some super easy fall-themed pumpkin crafts to decorate our home. 
I used painters tape to tape off some designs on a few mini pumpkins from Trader Joe's. Then I used my tube of gold leaf Rub n' Buff and filled in the patterns. Easy-peasy and took me about 15 minutes, tops. The lines aren't perfect, but I love the way they turned out.
The finished product: 

For Hayden's pumpkin project, I cut out an outline of a pumpkin from construction paper and placed it on a sheet of clear contact paper (face-up). Then I taped the contact paper to the floor so Hayden couldn't pull it up. I gave him a handful of cut up pieces of tissue paper and let him stick them to the pumpkin. 
He really got into the project once we started throwing the tissue paper squares in the air and letting them swirl gently to the ground. (See that happy face?!)
This craft lasted 10 minutes and when he crawled off with tissue paper stuck to his bum, I took another sheet of contact paper and stuck the pumpkin in between the two sheets. Then I cut the pumpkin outline out, added a little stem and string and hung it in our window.
Now we have a pretty  fall-themed sun catcher (you can see it the window on the right in this picture:)

Two fun crafts for your Friday! 

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