Thursday, October 17, 2013

and now our whole house is gray... or grey.

Last Thursday and Friday a year-long dream of mine came true and our house was painted! I've loathed the khaki that covered every single wall since before we moved in. However, things had to happen in order around here (windows and important details like that first) and we couldn't paint until now. (Believe me, I was on the phone with the paint company, before the window guys had even left the house.) Anyway, in this post, I discussed the mad rush for a color choice. I wanted a light light grey (gray?... I never know) to make our house feel brighter and more open. Well, I have to say the color achieved just that! 
Here's a little refresher of what we had going on circa May 2012: 
and today:
 Sooo. Much. Better.
I just love walking into our house and seeing it looking so bright and cheery and so much more modern:
We had our bedroom and bathroom (not pictured) painted in the same color because we are still figuring things out in there and a nice neutral tone seemed like the safest bet. Our room gets a lot of light so the grey in there feels really soothing... 
Now you may be asking: Jessica, is every room in your house now painted a shade of grey? Why yes, yes, you are correct. 

I think it's safe to say I like the grey! (and also gray)

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