Tuesday, October 22, 2013

a sweet deal

I'm so excited! We finally, finally got a dining room table that I love! We've been interested in getting a table for a while, since the round chippy table wasn't really our style. However, our dining area is small and we kept putting off the big purchase. The one we got was a bit of an impulse purchase. A couple of weeks ago, Nick handed me the West Elm Catalog and on front was a picture of their Carroll Dining table, on sale for $466.  
We both really liked it and thought it would look nice in our dining room, but we've been spending a lot of money on house upgrades lately and didn't really want to buy a table, even at a good price. Then, Nick reminded me that due to all our home repairs, we had racked up quite a few credit card points. I checked and we had more than enough to cover the cost of the table. So I ordered it on the spot. I expected it to ship out in a few weeks, but I got an e-mail saying it would be delivered in less than week! 
We love the new table- though it does feel a bit large for our little family!
 I decided that I wanted to have mixed seating for the table. I have 2 wooden chairs that I painted white already (not a matching set) and I decided to hunt around at thrift stores and garage sales to find two more to paint the same shade. For the two ends of the table, I purchased these metal cafe chairs from Overstock.com. I really love the way they look and I think they're pretty comfortable (for metal chairs). 
  Anyway- that's the story of how we got our table for pretty much free! 
There's only one problem...
The light fixture is oddly not centered in the room, or between the windows. So it's super off-center from the table. My father-in-law, Bob the Builder, assures me that it can be moved easily... 

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