Monday, December 17, 2012

Done! (ish)

After long last, our kitchen cabinets are finished being painted... This arduous process took us 5 weeks, instead of the estimated two. We started the week before Halloween and ended the week of Thanksgiving. I won't go into all the reasons for the hold up but let's just say that big projects and small babies don't always go hand-in-hand. Nonetheless, they are done. And we love them. The white is the first step at brightening up that dreary, dated kitchen. Of course finishing this one project makes me ready to tackle the rest of the kitchen (hardware, new counters, floor, backsplash + potentially opening it up to the rest of the house). All those things are set for TBD dates in the future so in the meantime, let's just focus on the pretty, white paint, shall we? 

 And just for a quick comparison, here's what the old kitchen looked like: 

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