Monday, July 30, 2012

Fortune Cookies

Last night Nick's parents brought us Chinese food for dinner. This morning I cracked open all the fortune cookies to see if any of them said something along the lines of "You will have a baby this week..." 0 for 4. Although it looks like me and my "flamboyant personality" will be taking a trip to the "sunny shores" in my new car...


  1. I feel your pain Jessica! I was hoping I'd deliver before my due date but the closer we get to Friday and the less contractions I have the more I realize our little one will likely be showing up tardy to the party... Good luck, hope your little man shows up ASAP!

  2. Those fortune cookies mean business!  When I was becoming suspicious I may be prego with my first son, I had Chinese for lunch at work.  I cracked open a cookie and it reac, "A small lucky package is on it's way soon".  No Joke!  My husband got something similar before we found out about my second pregnancy.


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