Friday, April 20, 2012

moving update

Well, we didn't close today, as we had originally hoped. 70% of our stuff is in boxes and our apartment is turning into a giant maze of box towers. We are preparing for this move, which we have tentatively scheduled for April 28th. Our appliances have been ordered, although their delivery date has been pushed back twice. Yesterday we  signed/initialed approximately 300 sheets of paper to buy our house officially and were told that was it... but apparently there's more to sign today. Ugh, We're still hopeful that our house will close before 4/28 but this process has taught us that nothing is ever for sure! So, we're in the waiting game now... Never fear, we're not discouraged- just anxious to get our move on! 


  1. Okay, I'm starting to freak out about how similar our lives are. We're due the same day, both with our first child, and you guys just bought your first house/are dealing with the waiting game. We're playing the same exact game on the house we just bought, which is also our first! I feel like I know you because of how parallel our lives are!

  2. How weird is that?! After so much stress, we just closed on our house yesterday! I hope yours moves along quickly and you close soon as well! xo, j 


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