Sunday, April 8, 2012

happy easter

 Happy Easter Friends! I thought I'd share my simple Easter decor with you today, ever-so-last minute (even though it's been up for well over a month now). I love Easter and all the signs of Spring that it brings with it. This year, I went with simple decorations; these days simple is my constant MO. So, faux eggs and candy for all! You can check out last year's Easter decor here.
What do you have planned for today? Nick and I are starting this morning off with a rousing Easter Egg hunt* in our apartment, followed by church, family brunch, and surely a nap (a weekend necessity now).   
* I don't really make Nick hunt for Easter eggs, I just give him his Easter basket of goodies, but you better believe that next year, there will most definitely be a hunt, even if Teeny Tiny will only be 8 months old!


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