Thursday, April 19, 2012

bus ride

Yesterday my class went on a field trip to Tilden Park and were the cutest ever on the bus ride there. They were so excited about EVERYTHING they saw out the window on the bus ride, and their enthusiasm was not curbed, despite the less-than-thrilling scenery. In fact, the bus ride proved to be way more exciting (in their eyes) than the actual destination. Here's a sampling of  their running observations:
Look! Target! 
Look! I see the freeway! 
A parking lot! I see a parking lot! 
Oh my gosh! Another Target! 
An orange truck! Mrs. Reisfelt, I see an orange truck! 
A bus stop!! There's a bus stop. 
Trash! There's trash on the road! 
My dentist office!  
Guys! Look! Another bus! 
The jungle! I see the jungle (referring to a bank of trees).  
A river! (referring to the SF Bay!) 

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