Monday, February 6, 2012


14 weeks is the magical number that everyone kept telling me to hold out for- aka no more morning sickness.  They were wrong. It's still here, people! Though, if I'm being honest, it has eased up considerably. If it weren't for those darn Sundays- they always mess me up. I'll be fine on Saturdays, maybe even the Thursdays and Fridays before that too- but Sunday, 4 am hits and bam!- it's back to square one. I lay in bed, listening to Lucy's gentle snores, thinking "I will not throw up, I will not throw up, I will not throw up!" After five minutes of this ineffective self-talk, I throw off the covers and make a mad dash for the bathroom. TMI? I think pregnancy has made me an over-sharer.... Oh well, there's always next Sunday for baby and I to try for no more being sick...


  1. Congratulations, Jessica and Nick! Wonderful news about your coming baby... sorry you are in the midst of morning sickness... may it be cast off soon!

  2. For real... your Sunday morning illness is making Lynn and Lu's way less fun/ possible! Come on, Teeny-Tiny! Let Jess enjoy her eggs!


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