Wednesday, January 4, 2012


For Christmas 2010, my mom gave me a great gift that lasted all year long. She made custom calendar pages for a special frame so that by December 2011, I had an entire year of calendar pages. Each month I received a new page, crafted with love and customized to fit our lives. I've blogged about the calendar pages a few times (here and here) over the year but wanted to wrap everything up with one final post, sharing all the pages from the year. 
My favorite pages are February, August, and December.... but really I like them all! This was such a sweet, sentimental gift and I love my mom's creativeness! What's your favorite page??


  1. What a sweet gift!!!

    I really like the October page, but then again my BDay is in October :0)

  2. My favorites are September (MY birthday!) and cute :)


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