Thursday, December 1, 2011

finally, an ottoman

We finished our ottoman last weekend! Although the end results are different that I had imagined, we both are happy with the product. The process took longer than expected, mostly because the material we ordered took a while to ship. Once it did, we got right to work. We decided to go with only two fabrics, rather than the original four. Two made more sense, given the shape of the ottoman.(The two we used are both from tonic living.) Plus a little investigating told us that the thing was very well made and would be difficult to disassemble. As in, the legs don't come off at all.
Just a reminder, here's the before-beauty shot:
The first thing Nick dad was rip out the staples that were holding the cording to the ottoman on the bottom. Then, we used our favorite fabric of the bunch to cover the entire ottoman. We chose the most neutral of the fabrics (surprise, surprise!) because it was the one we both liked the best. We stapled the fabric in place, and I attempted to do some fancy folding around the corners.
Luckily, my parents lent us some upholstery tools and one in particular came in handy. It helped us to shove the fabric into the little crevice between the ottoman and the legs.
The next step was to add our own trim to the ottoman. My mom kindly sewed the piping for us in another fabric of our choice. We stapled the piping around the bottom of the ottoman, so that it laid flat around the bottom, covering any wayward staples. 
Because Nick wanted a completely finished look on the bottom, we stapled some extra burlap around the bottom, to cover any messiness. 
Although the process was a little time intensive (it took 2 Christmas movies for us to finish it) we are so happy with the result. The ottoman is a good size and a fun change from our previous giant wood coffee table. It also makes the room seem bigger and more open. The big coffee table didn't leave us forever; it's currently residing in my parents home.  Next project- to change up the couch pillows! 


  1. Love the ottoman!  Also, love Nick's glasses and how very helpful Lucy is! 

  2. Thank you! Lucy is always our biggest helper- clearly! 

  3. i love how we saw the progression of lucy eating then napping in the background. 

  4. Love the ottoman and the fabulous Ikat fabric you used! Really makes the space "pop"!

  5. Samaa @ Honey Sweet HomeDecember 6, 2011 at 12:52 PM

    that turned out gorgeous! 

  6. Typical Lou! 

  7. Thanks so much Amy! We are trying to get away from our super neutral decor and this was a step in the right direction for us! 

  8. Thanks so much!


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