Friday Favs

Friday, October 21, 2016

The countdown is on- my parents are visiting in one week and we're all excited! I've been planning out our Halloween schedule and all the fun things we'll do with them while they are here!

Hayden has been really (really) into the Lion Guard/ The Lion King recently and is insistent on being a lion for Halloween. I found the cutest lion cape for him on Amazon. I felt like this would be used more than a full body costume post-halloween. He was actually a lion for his first Halloween. He found the costume hanging in his closet and tried to squeeze into it and got stuck the other day...
I found these adorable little candles in copper tins in the Target Dollar Spot. They burn well and were only $3. To add to my growing pumpkin candle collection.... 
Thanks to Apple Music, I found The Civil Wars and their mellow music is perfect for having on in the background at home.
How cute are these little duck boots?! I have some gap cash that I can use next week and will be getting these for Charlotte. She's pretty particular about her shoes, so I'm hoping these with the pink accent will be a welcome addition to her closet.  

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weekly pinterest roundup

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

It's been forever since I did this, but Pinterest has been by BFF lately and here are a few things we've been inspired to complete. 

We made 2 of these copper and wood planters and the project was easy and fast and inexpensive. I love how they turned out! 
Hayden LOVED this money sorting activity and played for a hour and half independently. (I added our play cash register to the mix)  
I've made this chili twice and it's a big hit with all members of the family. Nick said it's probably the healthiest chili he's eaten (quinoa, sweet potatoes, turkey!) but I promise it's really delicious and flavorful.  
We printed out all these Room on the Broom puppets to go along with our current Halloween fav and the kids love them.  
I am hoping we can make this shelf this week. We are so close to finishing up the guest room and this would be the finishing touch!  
What are you pinning lately??  

taking stock

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Making:  Decisions on Halloween costumes...
Cooking: homemade bread... we made it 3 times last week
Drinking: coffee and wine. Standard mom fuel. (don't worry not together and not at unacceptable times of the day) 
Reading: Hawaii by James Michener and loving it. I love a good 1000 page epic novel (seriously)
Wanting: A solo vacation with Nick... someday...  
Looking: at Pinterest for all the fun fall-themed activities  
Playing: with fall leaves. Hayden collects them at all time and is always trying to take them in the house, car, etc.  
Wasting: time thinking about home decor... (always!)
Wishing: for no more sniffles, coughs, or late night sick calls from the babies 
Enjoying: Quiet mornings to work while everyone else is asleep 
Waiting:  for three separate visits from the west coast contingency in the next month. 
Listening:  to the new Head and the Heart Album on repeat
Loving: Snuggling in bed with a pile of books and my babies 
Hoping: this fall weather sticks around for an unseasonably long time
Marveling: at this beautiful season and the trees that seem to transform overnight 
Needing: all the coffee, especially everyday at 2 pm  
Smelling: a pumpkin and spice candle. It's the coziest scent and makes me want to cuddle up with all the blankets and babies. 
Wearing: flannel... tis the season  
Following: lots of inspiring mommas on instagram. I love seeing how each person approaches motherhood in their own way and love that we have the ability to share activities and advice with each other in this medium. 
Noticing: new words Charlotte is learning daily and how she seems less and less like a baby each day 
Knowing:  Hayden is happy and well adjusted at preschool. Love this happy boy and his friendly little self. 
Thinking:  about painting our dining room... all white probably. 
Bookmarking: Christmas gifts for everyone (trying to get my shopping done thoughtfully and early)  
Watching: Breaking Bad. It took me a while to want to watch it but now I'm hooked.  
Organizing: All the closets, all 8 of them are done as of Sunday afternoon! Now I know my husband would like me to move onto the attic that we don't speak of but... no heat, so no dice. 
Giggling: at the way Charlotte puts a B in front of most words (think Fish with a B or Witch with a B...)  
Feeling: peaceful 

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